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Statement on the Kidnapping of Noah Trout


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e-Invitations to Share with Friends and Family this Easter

Here are your Easter Experience and Easter Sunday e-invitations...

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Covid-19 Protocols

Since we have returned to in person church services, we have endeavored to address the reality of COVID-19 in ways that are cautious and practical. The leadership of the church has stayed in close communication with the local health department. We have voluntarily used the following protocols to provide a safe experience here at church: We offer live streamed services o...

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A Mask-Only Overflow for Covid Cautious Persons

Mask Only Room WG

The Africa Room will be designated a mask-only overflow room for those of us still needing to be conscientious of COVID 19....

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A Less Common Perspective on Blacks and the Inner City

"There’s a direct link between single parent homes and crime. When a father is absent from the home, that kid is more likely to drop out of school, more likely to become a delinquent, more likely to end up in the prison system, and more likely to not be able to have gainful employment."...

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Is Salvation Eternal?


Question: Do we as a church family believe that once a person is truly saved that they will always be saved? Does an individual's sins subsequent to their salvation somehow render God's saving grace null and void? Can one who was once truly born again end up lost at some future point?...

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Inventory Time


“I’m a member of Riverview Baptist Church; I’m saved, baptized and excited about this new chapter in my life.” That was my thought and yours, no doubt, when we first joined the congregation at Riverview. But what about now…...

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Christmas Thoughts and Thanks from Pastor Shahn

When we think of Christmas, we think of giving. Why? Because it’s at Christmas we celebrate the greatest gift of all, God sending his son to earth to be the ultimate gift....

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William A. "Bunk" Austin: WWII Marine

William Albert “Bunk” Austin was born in 1925, so I was sitting once more with an almost 95 year old World War II veteran for this interview. Not everyone gets to meet living WWII heroes, and this was my second such meeting after Riverview’s very own Billy Via....

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Why So Much Effort to Minister to People in Other Lands?

We serve others at home and abroad because we love people, we want them to see and feel the love of God, and because we are commanded to do so by Jesus Christ himself....

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