Statement on the Kidnapping of Noah Trout

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Post Category: Answers to Everyone (1Pet 3:15)

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Is Salvation Eternal?


Question: Do we as a church family believe that once a person is truly saved that they will always be saved? Does an individual's sins subsequent to their salvation somehow render God's saving grace null and void? Can one who was once truly born again end up lost at some future point?...

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Why So Much Effort to Minister to People in Other Lands?

We serve others at home and abroad because we love people, we want them to see and feel the love of God, and because we are commanded to do so by Jesus Christ himself....

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Suffering: Does God Care?

Question: "If your God is real why doesn’t He cure everyone from terrible, terminal illnesses? Even if He is real, He sounds pretty evil to me, allowing children to die slow painful deaths when He could just make them better. [...] Why would a God who loves everyone allow that to happen?"...

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