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Sermon Notes

Sermon Notes

When sermon hand-outs have been provided for the current message, you'll find a link to a PDF of that file here.

11.27.2021 "Return to the Lord, VIII: 'Yet, the Lord Was Not Willing"

11.20.2021 "Return to the Lord, VII: Thankful for Thanksgiving"

11.14.2021 "Return to the Lord, VI: The Choice is Yours..."

11.06.2021 "God Loves You (And We Do Too)!"

10.31.2021 "Return to the Lord, V: 'Among the People' Required"

10.24.2021 "Return to the Lord, IV: Blameless Hearts Required"

10.17.2021 "Return to the Lord, Part III"

09.26.2021 "Return to the Lord, Part II"

09.12.2021 "Signs of the Times"

09.12.2021 "Return to the Lord, Part I"

08.22.2021 "Countfeit" - Mike Mitchener

08.22.2021 "Doing the Will of God, Part VII: What's at Stake"

08.15.2021 "Doing the Will of God, Part VI: New DNA Required"

08.01.2021 "Doing the Will of God, Part IV"

07.11.2021 "Doing the Will of God, Part I: I Can Know the Will of God"

07.04.2021 "Jesus is The Rock, Part II: The Crushing Rock"

06.27.2021 "The Believer's Greatest Gift: The Holy Spirit"

06.27.2021 "Jesus is My Rock"

06.20.2021 "Joshua: Victory House"

06.13.2021 "Joshua: Victory Refuge"

05.30.2021 "Repent and Report"

05.23.2021 "Pentecost Power"

05.16.2021 "Jesus in the Storm"

05.08.2021 "Spiritual Mothering"

05.02.2021 "Making Disciples III"

04.25.2021 "Easter Changes Everything III"

04.25.2021 "Making Disciples II"

04.18.2021 "Easter Changes Everything, Part II"

04.18.2021 "Making Disciples"

04.04.2021 "Easter Changes Everything"

03.28.2021 "Sovereign Sunday"

03.21.2021 "Friends of Faith"

03.06.2021 "Joshua: Victory Devotion"

02.28.2021 "Our Cunning Enemy"

02.28.2021 "Joshua: Victory CAP"

02.21.2021 "Victory Chosen"

02.14.2021 "Consecration"

02.14.2021 "Joshua: Victory Cursed"

02.07.2021 "Joshua: Victory Activated"

01.31.2021 "Joshua: Victory Expected"