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e4-12 is the groundbreaking new program that links Riverview Baptist Church and Piedmont International University together unlike ever before to provide university level training at community college prices directly in and through our local church.

The three essential components of e4-12 are:

  • Piedmont International University
  • Your local church or organization working in partnership with Piedmont
  • You, the student learning at your church and receiving a degree or certificate from Piedmont

Master of Arts in Ministry degree

The MA in Ministry degree, a 30 credit hour program is made up of ten courses comprised of  twelve, professionally filmed, 45-minute video classes. Each class will be streamed and played into a classroom at your church. 
Students seeking the master’s degree:

  • Must hold a recognized bachelor’s degree
  • Apply to Piedmont for online classes
  • Gather each week at a time decided by the church to watch the video classes
  • Log on to Piedmont’s Blackboard server for discussions, class assignments, and exams
  • Complete the 30 hour required courses
  • Receive a master’s degree

By following the normal sequence, a student can earn an accredited Master of Arts in Ministry degree in as little as three and a half years for less than $3,000. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates are invited to come to campus and participate in graduation and receive their diplomas.

Enrichment Program

What about those who don’t have a bachelor’s degree? Can they participate and learn? Absolutely! 

An enrichment option is available for only $39 per course for those not seeking credit nor a master’s degree. This is perfect for Sunday school teachers, small group leaders, church leaders and others who just want to be better equipped for ministry and learn for their own enrichment.

  • Register and order your workbook
  • Attend class
  • Learn for your own personal knowledge or enrichment
  • Increase your faith
  • Receive a certificate at the end of each course
  • Receive a certificate of completion after attending all ten courses 

What Does e4-12 Mean?

The “e4-12” name comes from Ephesians 4:12 where the Lord gives gifted teachers to the church to equip the saints for ministry and build the body. Our goal is to assist churches by graduating Christian leaders who are

  • competent in Biblical and theological knowledge
  • strong in their personal faith
  • skilled in ministry
  • outstanding in communication
  • prepared to understand and engage their culture with courageous proclamation of the gospel and confident defense of the faith.

If you have  questions concerning e4-12 admissions please contact the Admissions office at or call us at 800.937.5097. If you have questions concerning the e4-12 program please contact us at or contact the e4-12 Coordinator.

The Riverview Baptist Church liason for e4-12 is Pastor Ward Harris.